Sunday, September 17, 2006


I have just become an sms from an old good friend from Sweden, who writes, that the world peace is in a great danger, because of the recent speech of the Pope. This has given me the motivation to create my own blog, as I'm a christian, a catholic and there is nothing I long more than a real peace worldwide.

I live in Warsaw, Poland. As it is generally known, Poland is a rather monolithic country. In my family there are no people from other countries from generations. Actually, it's hard to meet people who belong to other Churches, despite Jehovah's Witnesses, just by chance. Nevertheless, in my life I have met and had the chance to have personal contact with about 3 Muslims (at a meeting about femism among Muslims and at the book fair in Warsaw - they were extremely nice women and they were also very happy to talk with Polish people), 4-5 protestants (during my studies and in Germany), some Jewish (during my studies, in the Jewish Institute, in the Jewish Theatre and during my trips), many grecocatholics in Crete, members of the ecumenic church in Berlin, with Mormons in Warsaw (on the street), with Jehovah's Witnesses (on the street, my teacher of German and English at the Gymnasium used to be Jehovah's Witnesses). I have also taken part in the equivalents of our Mass in some of the Churches. All the contacts were excellent, because there were always interest from both sides to get to know each other, really. I'd say that the religion was actually not an the issue of the conversation, because, from my point of view, religion, going to the church (and the active listening!) just helps to understand other people, to open up, to be a good and happy person and it should help to avoid separation from anyone from any reason!! The most important commandment is that one about the Love. And if you read from time to time the Bible, you'll find there plenty of concrete answers to all your question connected with that and many other.

I have the feeling, that I know too little about the Muslims, but I know enough to know that this is a religion of peace. It is very unjust to identify all Muslims with the terrorism.

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